Biography - Maurice Danato

Legal Charge of Hollow, Maurice also attends school with Maria--whom she unfortunately has a habit of bullying. . .along with everyone else she encounters.

Maurice is the legal charge of Hollow, thanks to having been abandoned into Hollow's care on a vacation from her home in Italy. While Maurice is well aware she no longer lives or resides in Italy--and has a single aunt there she can contact--her status as a minor abandoned in the US, in the hands of a citizen, renders her able to stay. The aunt in Italy makes little contact with Maurice but refused to take her in; Hollow has assumed legal guardianship until Maurice's parents can be found, or the aunt takes Maurice in, or Maurice turns 18--whichever happens first. Despite Maurice's cruel personality, Hollow cannot bring himself to abandon her himself.

Maurice is often rude, aggressive, and confrontational. She has been expelled from all local schools thanks to fighting, and now attends a private Catholic girl's school as her last option before a juvenile detention center. While her behavior hasn't changed, her targets have, and since the school charges so much, they aren't as willing to expell a (paying) student. Maurice is very charming toward the majority of most males, until rejected by them (Or unless she rejects them), and a bully toward all females she encounters. It must be noted that while Hollow has legal guardianship over Maurice, he is not immune to or spared from Maurice's verbal abuse.