Biography - Hollow Sonear

Hollow is the Legal Guardian of Maurice, who was abandoned. He seems to have struck up a friendship with Julian, and has a more parental-role in his friendship with Maria

Hollow, once adopted, is now estranged from his adoptive family, and now goes by a new, self-proclaimed, last name after legally changing it. He knows nothing about his birth family, and has no memories of who they might be, but was found wandering the English countryside. Since he had amensia and could not recall who he was, where he was, or even speak, a local family "adopted" Hollow as one of their own. Hollow became close to his adoptive father, but was never accepted by his adoptive mother or sisters. When the Raintree family died of various, natural causes, Hollow kept the home, but moved to various countries. He eventually settled in the US, but makes a yearly trip back home to the UK around the time of year he was adopted, and stays in the home to honor the memories of them.

However, Hollow is highly intelligent, depressed, and has spent a fair amount of time in mental wards, hospitals, and asylums--all the result of attempts on his own life. He at times makes odd remarks and statements, that may be the result of delusion from mental illness other than much else. Despite this, it must be noted Hollow has survived a staggering number of such attempts, some of which seems impossible that he could have.

Ethnicity: Assumed British
Age: 28?
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Brown
Birthday: Unknown
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Sicknesses: None currently
Scars and body modifications: Scarring on chest from treatments resulting from a medical condition.
Job: Self-Employed
Role: Detective
Location: ?
Hobbies: Reading, scientific research, investigating
Interests: Reading, science
Dislikes: Organized religion, war, violence
Fears: Abandonment, Isolation
Vices: Reading in the bathtub
Bad Habits: Reading too much, ignoring current day culture, events, and devolpments
Addiction: None
Allergies: No known allergies
Agent Status: N/A
In Conspiracy: No
In Conspiracy (personally): No
Target of Conspiracy: Yes
Target Reason: Target for Goal
What happens: It's interesting that Hollow's own fears stem only from human beings; As a result of the organization, Hollow has long since had a fear of being abandoned. Hollow's reaction to this has, oddly, been self-isolation--denying or rejecting others before they, in Hollow's mind, can do so first. While this reaction isn't as hoped, it still torments Hollow--which is justification enough for inducing this fear.
What also happens:

It is extremely telling that Hollow has no other fears; It makes sense as most mortal fear is tied to a presumed or immediate threat to one's mortality. Without this, it speaks volumes about the person to lack all fear.