Biography - Maria Skyy

Julian's little sister, often bullied by her peers at the private Catholic School that she attends. Maurice attends this school, too.

Maria is Julian's little sister, and the two are very close as siblings and friends. Maria's size, shape, and need for medical for mental health reasons have caused her to become the object of bullying and isolation at her school, a private Catholic school for girls. She tends to spend most of her time outside of school at home, reading, or with Julian, whom alone really 'raised' Maria from infancy. Julian's admission into the church and subsequent leaving the nest had a deeply profound, depressing effect on Maria; A few years after Julian left home, treatment for her mental illness began. Maria refuses to discuss the illness, it's effects, or causes, aside from avoiding things that interact poorly with her medicine.

Maria is largely a loner, and with her older brother, and sole friend, in the priesthood, she cannot see him as often as she feels she needs to--however, Maria truly wishes Julian would leave the priesthood and "come home"--or legally adopt her himself so they both can be freed of their parents tyranny. Maria regards Julian as her "real parents"--both mother and father in one--as he kept her alive from infancy onward; While Julian was 12 when she was born, he was the first to answer her cries as a child--and instantly bonded with Maria, realizing his parents were more likely to let her die from neglect than to care for her. Maria's crib resided in Julian's room, where Maria often was consoled with made-up children's stories to drown out the sounds of fighting parents in the background. Sometimes, when she's depressed, Maria can be cheered up by having a story read to her. Her friendship with Hollow, whom she met by chance, was greatly aided when Hollow offered, without being asked, to read various classics to Maria as often as she cared to listen. Since this reminded her of Julian, she quickly came to see Hollow often to be read to, and to also see him as a father figure of sorts, the way she sees Julian as one.