Biography - Julian Skyy

Julian is a Roman Catholic Priest at Sacred Heart Cathedral.  His best friend in life is Ezra, but Julian seems to have struck up an odd friendship with Hollow as of late.

Julian's entire life and childhood have been dominated by training to be come, and being, a Catholic priest, at the behest of his father. He suffers from depression, mostly induced from these very circumstances, but thanks to long-term abuse, feels unable to leave his station for fear of his father's reaction; Despite the fact Julian is more than capable of leaving if he so chooses. As a result of this, and a lack of having anyone to confide much of this in, it has festered into a deep depression playing tricks on his mind.

Julian, at his best, is overly cheerful, excited, expressive, and sincere. A deep part of him hopes to find romance, someday, adding into his depression greatly as his role in life forbids it.

Ethnicity: Romanian, Jewish
Age: 26
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Blonde
Birthday: 02/29
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Sicknesses: Depression
Scars and body modifications: One tattoo, one piercing
Job: Roman Catholic Priest
Role: Gardener
Location: Sacred Heart Cathedral
Hobbies: Julian has no overt hobbies; He has been observed writing in a journal, as well as watching children's programming from his own youth while under the influence of cannabis.
Interests: Julian has always shown an interest in the romantic, namely with books and movies.
Dislikes: Liars, loud noises, crowds, public speaking, groups of more than four people, alcohol
Fears: Water, Physical Violence
Vices: Cannabis, Pornography (Hentai)
Bad Habits: Smoking (full time, about half a pack a day)
Addiction: Nicotine
Allergies: No known allergies
Agent Status: Sleeper
In Conspiracy: Yes
In Conspiracy (personally): Yes
Target of Conspiracy: Yes
Target Reason: Target for Waking
What happens: Julian's reaction to water is avoidance; If forcibly exposed, the subject breaks out into hysterics and will even go so far as to become violent to avoid exposer/introduction to a body of water that exceeds that of about four feet. Subject attended cognitive therapy sessions to increase tolerance, from once refusing to enter water at all, to his current four-foot limit.
What also happens:

Julian shows a violent response when people in his presence are physical threatened, in particular women when he witness an assault or hears a threat. No cause for this is known; It would seem as if Julian suffered an unknown, violent trama and subconciously seeks to save others from this same fate. A check with the parents revealed no information, but it is entirely possible they would not disclose events that they feel may threaten the project goal and their place in it.

This has not lead to problems so far, but is cause for potential worry; If Julian's reaction were to be triggered at the wrong time or place or by a strong enough trigger to begin with, it is unknown how far he will go. As Julian's job relies much on physical endurance, he is in peak physical condition and therefor is at little risk of injury if involved in a fight. This also could play against the goal, causing Julian to react wrong when the Adia finally encounters him.

We have deduced Julian has a fear of physical assault, mainly of a sexual nature, from his once experience drinking when he turned 21; A single bottle of wine between himself and his best friend, Ezra, reduced Julian to a blabbering mess, before telling Ezra to "just stick it in already" and promptly vomited all over himself. We know this as the story is often repeated to humiliate Julian, and he himself cites it as the reason he does not drink. Julian was also subjected to his father's alcoholism, which could be part of this reaction; There is, again, no known reason for his fear/assumption that someone would want to assault him, let alone assault him in this manner.