Biography - Ezra Evanlight

Ezra is Julian's best friend both in and outside of the church; He's also one of Julian's bosses, something they both tend to forget and ignore.  Ezra's early life details are vague.

Ezra is Julian's best friend, both inside and outside of the church. While technically one of Julian's 'bosses', the two have developed a whole-hearted friendship devoid of a normal boss-employee-workplace rhythm. Ezra watches out for Julian as he might a younger sibling, challanges his thinking to some degree, and plays Devil's Advocate to some of Julian's personal debates or ideals--reminding him or informing him of how the non-secular world views things differently than the Catholic Church does.

Unlike Julian, Ezra was raised without any intent of a religious employment later in life; In fact, Ezra was raised without any kind of faith, religion, or moral structure in his home (And may've been drawn to the Church for providing one.) However, details on Ezra's life prior to joining the priesthood are unclear. It has been uncovered that Ezra was kicked out of his childhood home on his 18th birthday, by his father, as his gift. Ezra's father died a short time later, never once speaking to Ezra again. Ezra has no criminal record, or history of trouble making, making the expulsion from the household the source of many unanswered questions.

Ethnicity: British Indian
Age: 32
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Black
Birthday: 06/04
Nationality: American/Swedish (Ezra was born in Sweden by mere chance, where his mother died during his birth. As it was never intended for them to live there, they came to the US and Ezra picked the United States after his dual-citizen status expired.)
Sexuality: Homosexual
Sicknesses: Impotence
Scars and body modifications: Self-inducted scarification on arms, assulter inflicted scars on the rest of body; Too many to document. 9 holes in one ear, usually empty.
Job: Roman Catholic Priest
Role: Human reasources, mass duties
Location: Sacred Heart Cathedral
Hobbies: As Ezra is impotent, he has been trying to overcome this in private with the use of Japanese sex games containing homosexual (Or 'yaoi') encounters; As these fail miserably, Ezra has made a strange hobby of critiquing them.
Interests: Art, Hand-writing letters
Dislikes: Loud noises, sports, machoism
Fears: The occult/witchcraft (Non-induced)
Vices: Cannabis
Bad Habits: None
Addiction: None
Allergies: Dog Fur, reacts with coughing, sneezing, and hives if exposed for an extended length of time; Death is possible if Ezra were to encounter a dog and did not seek medical attention in 48 hours.
Agent Status: Active
In Conspiracy: Yes
In Conspiracy (personally): No
Target of Conspiracy: No
Target Reason: Target for Goal
What happens:
What also happens:

Ezra will panic if he finds himself high in the air; He often isn't, and therefore, does not often recall his crippling fear until it's too late. His last forgetful incident is when Ezra boarded a plane about three years ago, to take a forced vacation by his employer (Who discovered Ezra had not taken one in the nearly ten years he has been employed, and forced him on a trip for legal reasons.) His reaction is that of abject terror, screaming and crying. He will eventually revert to a fetal position and cry silently if not able to avoid the height itself.

This resulted from an accident Ezra suffered just before he turned 24 and joined the church. Ezra was pushed out of a window, where he fell onto a bike rack below, injuring his eye and arm. To this day, Ezra does not have full control over his hand.

Ezra's fear of intimacy is less documented; It is known that he is a homosexual, but also impotent. It is thought this fear of an intimate relationship is somehow connected to the above accident, as research shows Ezra was the center of a strange, yet silent, love triangle (One we are uncertain he was even aware of.) In any event, any such attempts to find out more about Ezra prior to joining the church are met with claims of forgetfulness and amnesia, though he does not show symptoms of either. While his lying is not normally a problem for us, much of Ezra's historical documents--school records, for example--were requested by his father as soon as Ezra graduated from one school to another, which it was discovered the father also destroyed for unknown reasons.